Mobile World Congress: #MWC19 Special · Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · S01 E04

 Josep Torra, CEO of Barcelona Virtual, at #MWC19 in Barcelona

Josep Torra, CEO of Barcelona Virtual, at "Ground Zero" of Mobile World Congress 2019

Thanks for joining us and listening to this "Wrap-Up" of MWC19, a Special Edition of our European Marketing Flash Briefing on Alexa.enabled devices.

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One of the planet's most important Tech events, Mobile World Congress, took place in Barcelona, Spain from 25-28 February 2019. Its twin track, Four Years from Now was an important focus of innovation. 

Many announcements and innovations are so important, that we decided to produce and podcast this "Special Edition" as soon as possible. You’ll hear some of the most significant trends and technology we saw there just last week, with special attention from our team to details you may not have seen in the news!

As always, this newest edition is available in major European countries and around the world, wherever Amazon Echo smart devices are sold. Once installed, you simply need to ask Alexa, the AI-driven Voice Assistant, to "play the Flash Briefing on European Marketing".

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1. BIOLOGY | The Rise of Biotech

Photo: #4YFN19 Alessandro Volpato "listens" to a plant before a rapt audience

2. BIOHACKING | A Live Chip Implant

Photo: #4YFN19 Alex Rodríguez of the World Economic Forum hosts the session "Biohacking Onstage: Live Human Chip Implant Show"

3. BOTS | Alexa's Sold-Out Crowds

Photo: #4YFN19 A standing-room only crowd at the presentation of Max Amordeluso, Amazon's Alexa EU Evangelist

4. BANKING | Germany's N26

Photo: #4YFN19 Maximilian Tayenthal, founder of N26, talks about the mobile-first bank's rapid growth

5. BMW | 5G, Cars & Smart Cities

Photo: #MWC19 - An electric concept car at the BMW stand in Barcelona, February 2019

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Photo: Paul Fleming · Barcelona Virtual Photo: Anna Hernández · Barcelona Virtual

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