CHRISTMAS 2020 | A Sneak Peek at Amazing Holiday Adverts!

Coca-Cola Christmas Advert: Give Something that Only You Can Give · Barcelona Virtual Blog

Coca-Cola's 2020 Christmas advert is nothing short of Epic!

Our yearly posts on the best European Christmas spots are very popular.

What might surprise you is that we —as Marketers—
often cringe as we look at dozens of ads
in order to bring you the very best.

2020's spots, with all that has happened, surprised us
from the very first moment. Hence, this preview!

Get ready for an absolutely EPIC story from Coca-Cola,
along with another beautiful (mask-free) message,
whilst we prepare the "official" posts in more detail!


Coca-Cola: Epic!

Crank up the volume and try to see this on a big HD screen if you can!


McDonald's: The Child Inside

Everyone with a pre-teen or teenager at home will love this advert.

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Is it hard for you to get inspired this Holiday Season?

Whilst we finish the details of our Christmas posts,
get into the Spirit with our selections from previous years: 


European Christmas Adverts that Are Making People Say WOW!
Christmas Adverts From The UK (and Ireland) To Warm Your Heart 

Christmas Adverts: Combine Intelligence With Emotion To Truly Connect

Originally posted on 17 November 2020


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