CHRISTMAS 2020 | A Spanish Holiday Advert No Marketer Should Miss!

LIDL - Robot at the Family Christmas Dinner Spain - 2090

In this year's Christmas Spot, LIDL Spain surprises us with a trip to 2090

There are moments when Marketing is simply ...
delicious. Delectable, even!

That's the case of this year's Christmas spot
crafted by agency Tiempo BBDO for LIDL Spain.

Not only is this spot a prime example
of "Infotainment". It's also a case study and
summary of the most important keys to Marketing
effectivity we've seen in a long time.

Join us in counting them below.

But first, turn up the volume
and enjoy the show!


The Secret of Christmas

Infotainment, Marketing strategy, humour and ample portions of Zeitgeist. Bravo!

Marketing Strategies We Detect

  1. AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action!
  2. Future Fascination
  3. Brand Storytelling, Intrigue
  4. Lovemarks: Mystery, Sensuality, Intimacy
  5. Glocal: A global Brand with a local focus
  6. User-Centricity, Co-Creation, Employee Advocacy
  7. Innovation + Coolhunting
  8. Intelligent Product Placement
  9. Data Analysis for better results
  10. Humour ... ¡humor español!


Don't Speak Spanish?

At the time of this writing, we have not yet found an English version.

However, here is an excerpt from the Spanish trade
newsletter Marketing News that sums up the essence of the plot and strategy:

The campaign was launched online with a 6.30 minute short film, which aims to tell an unconventional Christmas story, a story that reflects a great truth about the brand but is at the same time full of magic and emotion.

This story begins in the year 2090 during the Christmas meal. Jorge, a postmodern grandfather, awakens from a long slumber to remind everyone present that day in 2020 when he went to work in Lidl's secret plant.

Apparently they are normal offices of one of the great leaders of the distribution sector in Spain. However, hundreds of meters underground, they hide their biggest secret: a hidden plant where dozens of people work all year round putting their effort, their enthusiasm and their commitment to making the best Christmas products at the best prices.

This is the creative idea with which Tiempo BBDO
has given life to the “The Secret of Christmas” campaign.

For Antonio Alarcón, Head of Marketing and Digital at Lidl Spain:

“The story we tell in this campaign emanates from two great realities:

      • FIRST, the passion and dedication
        of a great team that works to offer
        products of excellent quality and at the best price.

      • SECOND, the obsession because, in this process,
        we join forces with national suppliers
        as happens in 70% of our Christmas assortment
        and thus make this Christmas "very ours"
        in every way.

        Therefore, it is a story that takes on even more
        meaning in such an exceptional year as this."


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