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PODCAST 45 | European Innovation in Generative AI · S04 E10

In Episode 45, we explore Generative AI innovations from Europe to help you in 2023. We look at

PODCAST 44 | Human Innovation, Your Secret Weapon · BV Innovation Lab · S04 E09

In Episode 44, surprising ideas to strengthen your teams in these challenging times. In this

PODCAST 43 | Five Ways You Can Profit from Coming Challenges · S04 E08

_In our 43rd episode, we look at coming challenges and the opportunities they may hide. Worldwide,

PODCAST 42 | Alexa Live, Your Smart Home Just Got Smarter · S04 E07

_Enjoy this "Express Version", with a Voice Update from Amazon's annual worldcast.. In our 42nd

PODCAST 41 | Neuromarketing with Rachel & Pablo · S04 E06 [STUDIO LIVE SESSION]

In our 41st Episode, we're joined by two European Neuromarketing pioneers. Raquel Fructos, also

PODCAST 40 | Design Innovation · Focus Denmark · S04 E05

_Our team explores excellence and innovation in Design, with a special focus on Denmark. In our

PODCAST 39 | Innovation in Food · Luis Román, A European Willy Wonka · S04 E04

_ Constant innovation feeds the success of Spain's Lacasa Chocolates, especially in e-Commerce. In

PODCAST 38 | Affinità, Five Years of International Innovation · S04 E03

_ International Innovation has a new home: This 38th Episode of our podcast is

PODCAST 37 | MWC22, Mobile World Congress Barcelona · S04 E02

_ Our team was on the ground at #MWC22 in Barcelona. Enjoy their curated report! Paul and the BV

PODCAST 36 | Metaverse Rewind, Europe's Vital Role · S04 E01

_ Facebook's "Big News" last Fall had already been a reality 15 years earlier. We rewind to revisit

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